Monday, May 21, 2007


Why are relationships so complicated? I always thought I was great at handling people's emotions..I mean whats wrong with me?I am sensitive to people's thoughts and I am truly good at advicing ppl and have in many ways helped them out in awkward situations..but the same kinda relationship issues dat seem too simple to handle for others is just such a big headache if its ur own..

This time da emotions are urs n there's no use seekin help from someone else cuz then they give u da same crap u've been passin around to others...did i hear someone say "wht goes around comes around" at this....?yaya i know all dat I've been sayin dat too..!!so now where can dis lonely sole go for help...she's always been the giver now suddenly when she wants to take..she cant seem to decide who's gonna be ready to do it!!na na...da issue's not sooo simple..not everyone can advice her outa da mess..she's just too smart for all dat philosophical bullshit!
she is logical..and very practical even though she's fixed up in a situation where emotions rule high yet she needs her partner to logically justify why he does whatever he does....

everytime a relationship begins its all roses....u see da world thru rose tinted glasses...every new relationship brings with it loads of new promises...u tend to see cupid glarin into ur eye while da man bends on his knees for u tellin u, with da most truthful eyes ever, dat he is madly in love with u n u are the beauty of his dull life.......
for a moment things are gr8...u thank God!this is da man...he loves me!he's trustworthy, he's da one n he's never ever gonna betray my trust in him...n blah n blah n blah
suddenly u feel like juliet dipped in love!

after a few months its time to face reality. sure he does'nt have da same problems as ur ex. but then is'nt it awesome to find some absolutely fresh new problems. a bundle of emotional stress an extra emotional baggage..anger n frustration starts seepin in until u finally ask urself da BIG question.......why did i fall for dis jerk in da first place??????
i mean wht gives him the right to talk to me like dat...does'ne he have ne sense of hw a girl shud be respected???n den dose men jokes dat usually find the "girlfrens" to be da "hitlers" with da guys having to bear it all like they were some poor lill babies...crap!!!

u suddenly realise dat u are thinkin of breaking it up!n wait the worst is yet to come..the worry of da break up is not hw u are gonna deal with it...its abt hw da world's gonna deal with it? their reactions....ahhh one more relationship down da drain for this girl..whts with her neway?she luks fine..sweet infact hw can she drive men away so easy???
n dere sits da damsel in a world of ppl thinkin "her" to be the cause...thinkin of her to be a "lesser woman"...dat gets da damsel in hell..