Monday, July 28, 2008

The Perfect Woman..!!

Sometimes it just amazes me to see the difference in ideologies and basically expectations that women have from men and vice versa. A woman whispers in her man’s ear “You don't have to be perfect, to be perfect for me” But is it true even for a guy? Ever heard a guy say that? Unless he is drunk or desperate to get laid… Somewhere deep down men still expect their girl to be perfect despite all odds. Even when its pouring hard a mascara shouldn’t find its way on your cheek… So is it that a woman cannot look ugly..? ever? Is this the reason why all beauty creams first came for the women? And now when even women expect things a little close to perfection from their men… the men still rule the roost! A man leaves his clothes all over the place- he is just busy.. His hair is ruffled and he looks like a mess- he is straight out of the bed and is sporting the sexy look.. But for a woman? She can never be messed up or she is unorganized and clumsy and that’s not how woman should be… who decides this by the way?  

Mr Mood Controller..!

It’s amazing to know the power of one single expression. One minute you are standing and looking at a worn out disheartened face in the bathroom mirror with a blade in one hand ready to slit her wrists and put an end to her miseries and the next moment just one expression turns her life upside down. She feels lit up again. Just one message! Everything starts seeming right in place once again. So the question is: Can you give someone the power to control all your moods and more importantly is it even fair? You decide to put an end to your life and this “mood controller” does not even know about it, and then suddenly he just saves you and gets you back to life without even knowing about it. The heart really does exist then I guess… How else could you explain all these illogical feelings and emotions…

Depression takes a toll!

What a monster some people can suddenly become. I never thought I would feel this way. Is this really depression? What could be worse than getting up in the middle of the night and thinking of ways to kill yourself? Sometimes I wish I could numb myself to certain emotions, no amount of painkillers can help then. Sometimes you just feel like sleeping and never waking up again. You can’t even think clearly of what you want to do. Its not that you are thinking something at length, there is actually just no thinking. No amount of tears help. All they can give you is a sore looking face but that’s that. How can I feel so hated and dejected!! What more is needed to be happy? Is it never ever going to come my way? Am I wasting my time looking for some and expecting it to be mine. Nothing seems right. Nothing seems right! 


Sometimes I wonder...Is there really a soulmate for everyone? Is there really any sense in this concept? Why do relationships seem so transitory? They are good but always seem transitory? How long do you need to wait for a soulmate to come by? Or is it like a search for a treasure that does not really exist… Is this also one of those well kept secrets something like the santa cluse story! Is’nt it better to jus be a kid again and be able to believe again. Does growing up mean accepting to stop believing, to stop expecting anything from anyone and to loose faith in everything you felt so sure of. Is this a process of realizing that there actually is no meaning to the term “happiness?” Everyone defines it for themselves. Everyone finds a man and then start compromizing, adjusting and changing to fit into his perception of "beauty!" And then they call this 'someone' their soulmate...What I wonder is- if everyone can do it.. why is it soo hard for me?

I Miss You..!

I see beauty all around me,

But I cant see you…

I hear the birds sing

I hear the raindrops splatter on my window sill

But I don’t hear your sweet voice.

I touch velvety petals

The winds gently touch my skin

But I crave for your touch

Suddenly the only music to me is the sound of your voice…

They say Love changes you, I never agreed…

Now I know…


Your favourite Tv show does not seem interesting anymore,

Your friends don’t seem to make you laugh anymore

Your favourite drink doesn’t seem to give you a high anymore

With tobacco in my lungs and smoke all around

I still don’t feel numb to the pain

Of being away from you…


These strange ways of life are so tough to understand

These emotions are so tough to understand

I know you are away for a reason

A reason the world calls great

Then why doesn’t my heart understand

My mind fights with my heart

N no one wins the battle…

I loose, I suffer, I bleed…


I dream of a time when we will be together

N there’ll be no wait…

No tears on my pillow..

No smoke to get me numb


I love you… I love us..

I wish we could be together…