Sunday, March 1, 2009

Que Sera Sera

Sometimes the most beautiful things happen to you when you least expect them to! I took a trip and it has proven to be the best time ever spent... Random stuff but I realized that I did everything that gets me extremely close to myself, my thoughts...! Met lots and lots of people from sooo many different parts of the world, different industries, lifestyles... It was brilliant.. Like I was sleeping all this while and the sun was trying hard to peep into my blanket! The blanket is off now.. I can see the sun.. I see things in a different light now...And it sure is beautiful...Makes me feel, Not everything you are obsessed with, is worth getting obsessed over!! People live their lives in soo many different ways, it makes me think what all I could have done! I am a sucker for stability in my life, to an extent that if i don't know what I have planned next for myself professionally or personally, it gets me miserable! I am returning to my city today, rejuvenated!! I now know that's its ok! That its fine to let go and not think of the future.. Its okie not knowing whats next sometimes.. Life still goes on and it pretty much ROCKS!! :D