Thursday, August 21, 2008

Can We Define Love?

They say that the most important thing in any relationship is the level of understanding between two people and the love between them. How exactly would you define love here? I don’t get it! They say that when you are in love you just get to know. You feel happy, you feel like smiling, you keep thinking of the person you are in love with and all you can do is dream of a future with them. Now comes the truth… Its just human tendency to love getting appreciated, to love being loved. So isn’t it just the feeling of being in love and being loved in return that we are actually in love with and not the person himself? Does the person have anything to do with this? Probably not! That’s what gives us the ability to pick up the ashes of a burnt relationship and move on, in the look of another… You are actually looking for another person whom you could love better… who could love you better… Make you feel better… But, why the need? You could be in love with anything! For me, I fall in love with my music! There are songs that I hear that keep me smiling all day! Isn’t that something love should be doing to you? Well… I think what gives love with a partner and a relationship a deeper meaning is the intimacy that the couple shares. The sexual chemistry… Every other thing can be worked upon in a relationship! (Unless your partner is fucked in the brain, ref. post “Love Turns To Hatred”) If your partner is a good lover, if he knows how to work his way to give you the most awesome orgasm you can ever imagine… You know exactly what to do… Grab him for life and never let go! So, if we had to define love, we could put it as an emotion that you have for a person who makes you feel good while you love him and while he loves you… And of course where the Sex is sizzling!!

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