Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Love- A Gamble?

When it comes to men… why are women always ready to gamble? It is a gamble, isn’t it? You invest your time, money, emotions and just a lot of love and you never know of the outcome! Whatever the outcome may be, there still is the never-ending energy to keep looking for the right guy! Why is there always that hope that someone might just come your way who’ll be just perfect and in reality with every relationship you learn to just lower your bars a little. So what are we doing at the end of the day? Compromising! Not while we are in a relationship but as we transition from one to another… Is’nt that true? Everytime a relationship ends we console ourselves remembering everything that was wrong in it and swearing never to get into a relationship with a guy with those kind of issues. And we stick to our word of finding a guy free all the issues of our “Ex” but we also lower our bar in terms of other things that we need of our relationship. And then there are new problems, newer issues… But you know what’s the best part? Everytime you discover new problems you also discover something new about yourself…And I think it is this, that makes us want to get into a new relationship everytime.. It’s a quest of knowing our own emotions well enough to be able to control each one of these emotions someday…We are always ready to gamble on this one! Somehow there is always a hope that keeps telling you that just two more steps, just one more step, and he’ll be right there. Sure there will still be issues and there will be compromises but it’ll last and will last forever, with me happy and him even happier!

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Anonymous said...

It takes two to tango..!! and everything in life is ultimately a gamble cos you never know what you're getting into. You just hope that everything works out in the end.