Thursday, November 5, 2009

Love Ramblings II

They say "Its better to have loved n failed than to have never loved at all.." I believed in this, till today... I lived my life with no regrets until today... I sat by the window staring into the sky, thinkin... of the times when I hadn't loved anyone from my heart.. Those were the times when I thought of how beautiful love wud be and how much I would love to completely give myself away for the person I loved... I dreamt of all the silly talks and those sweet nothings, the laughter, the smiles, the passionate kisses and the lonely nights of yearning... I knew there wud be pain but the pain of being away was a sweet pain.. somewhere there was hope... I dreamt of something beautiful and I knew that when I love, it would last forever just as I had always read about... Then when the sweet teens came and so came the times when people had their biggest and greatest love affairs, I thought of not stopping back too! After all "its better to have loved n failed than to have never loved at all...!!!" I loved.. we failed! and what am I left with now... a memory of the greatest love ever, everything perfect, the joys and the pain..!But it all broke down, cuz that's what happens in reality! These are the things they dont write about... People who know nothing about love write the greatest love poems! n Now that I know that I had the best love affair and everything was great and it still broke down, I dont know what to look forward to!! Just memories that get me down..
Wouldn't it have been better if I had never tried to love, never given in... atleast I wud still be hoping for something beautiful, My faith wud have been alive... I wud have been Livin and not just surviving! Wudn't that be a much better place to be in..? They should have laws against people who break your faith in somethin as precious as love and then profess about Love!!!!

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Mistique said...

A mighty pain to love it is,
And it is a pain that pain to miss,
But of all d pains, d greatest pain,
It is to love, but love in vain....

Life is about going on.... You love and you fail but you never stop trying... do you?

I hate, yet love: you ask how this may be. Who knows? I feel its truth and agony...