Thursday, December 25, 2008

New Year Wishes!

New Year eve has a funny thing to it! Every new year I feel that this is going to be the most romantic night for me. I live this fantasy of meeting my man. I dream of kissing my man as the clock strikes 12 and marks the beginning of a new year, silently I pray that this is the start of a new world for me.

And as years pass my silent prayer goes unheard… As years pass all my fantasies end… No more Santa Clause, No more Mail Van wishes coming true, No more Joy Birds, No more new year Prince! Its sad to have all this crash down.

But, this time around I learnt something new. I learnt that while all these dreams and fantasies don’t come true, God does send me my angels, not just on the eve but all year round, Disguised Angels! These are people I meet and want to meet everyday! People who make me smile on days I decide not to! This year end I am not going to wait for a prince to come kiss me, rather I am going to wait for that frog to come make me smile and give me all the joy I deserve. The frog I choose to ignore every year! My real angel! Totally God sent!

You don’t get to choose your angels, they are simply God sent customized to your needs!


mistique said...

hey i really really find it beautiful..... i mean, d way u've written it.. it made me feel like a princess... God knows why, but i sure did get that lovely vibe...!

Thinking Soul... said...

@Mistique.. Thanks a tonne! Feels nice to have someone understand the true sentiment of your writin... :)

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

How true...happy new year...seems like you're echoing my thoughts.

Thinking Soul... said...

@Akshaya, A Very Happy new year to you too.. well.. If i amthne,, Lets just Focus on the frog for now! hehe!

Puneet said...

Yeah god does sends us angels which keep us happy and satisfied.
Happy New Year!!!

Thespian said...

Awww that's so sweet!

So did ur frog hop by? :)

Thinking Soul... said...

@ Puneet, Thanks a tonne for the new year wishes! I am grossly late but then again, wish you the same! :)

Thinking Soul... said...

@ Thespian,

How have you been?? My frog probably hopped by.. I am still thinking if I got the glimpse right..! :)

How was your New Year celebration? N Happy New Year!! :)