Monday, July 28, 2008

I Miss You..!

I see beauty all around me,

But I cant see you…

I hear the birds sing

I hear the raindrops splatter on my window sill

But I don’t hear your sweet voice.

I touch velvety petals

The winds gently touch my skin

But I crave for your touch

Suddenly the only music to me is the sound of your voice…

They say Love changes you, I never agreed…

Now I know…


Your favourite Tv show does not seem interesting anymore,

Your friends don’t seem to make you laugh anymore

Your favourite drink doesn’t seem to give you a high anymore

With tobacco in my lungs and smoke all around

I still don’t feel numb to the pain

Of being away from you…


These strange ways of life are so tough to understand

These emotions are so tough to understand

I know you are away for a reason

A reason the world calls great

Then why doesn’t my heart understand

My mind fights with my heart

N no one wins the battle…

I loose, I suffer, I bleed…


I dream of a time when we will be together

N there’ll be no wait…

No tears on my pillow..

No smoke to get me numb


I love you… I love us..

I wish we could be together… 

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