Monday, July 28, 2008


Sometimes I wonder...Is there really a soulmate for everyone? Is there really any sense in this concept? Why do relationships seem so transitory? They are good but always seem transitory? How long do you need to wait for a soulmate to come by? Or is it like a search for a treasure that does not really exist… Is this also one of those well kept secrets something like the santa cluse story! Is’nt it better to jus be a kid again and be able to believe again. Does growing up mean accepting to stop believing, to stop expecting anything from anyone and to loose faith in everything you felt so sure of. Is this a process of realizing that there actually is no meaning to the term “happiness?” Everyone defines it for themselves. Everyone finds a man and then start compromizing, adjusting and changing to fit into his perception of "beauty!" And then they call this 'someone' their soulmate...What I wonder is- if everyone can do it.. why is it soo hard for me?

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