Monday, July 28, 2008

The Perfect Woman..!!

Sometimes it just amazes me to see the difference in ideologies and basically expectations that women have from men and vice versa. A woman whispers in her man’s ear “You don't have to be perfect, to be perfect for me” But is it true even for a guy? Ever heard a guy say that? Unless he is drunk or desperate to get laid… Somewhere deep down men still expect their girl to be perfect despite all odds. Even when its pouring hard a mascara shouldn’t find its way on your cheek… So is it that a woman cannot look ugly..? ever? Is this the reason why all beauty creams first came for the women? And now when even women expect things a little close to perfection from their men… the men still rule the roost! A man leaves his clothes all over the place- he is just busy.. His hair is ruffled and he looks like a mess- he is straight out of the bed and is sporting the sexy look.. But for a woman? She can never be messed up or she is unorganized and clumsy and that’s not how woman should be… who decides this by the way?  

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